Swimming is a great summer sport, whether it’s in a pool or the ocean. In America, there are 309,000 public swimming pools and 10.4 million residential ones, according to liveabout.com.

According to UNC Healthcare, millions of people are diagnosed with Otitis Externa, sometimes known as swimmer’s ear, every year. The CDC claims that water being in one’s ear for an extended period of time is the main cause of a swimmer’s ear. What is the best way to get water out of your ear to prevent a swimmer’s ear and general discomfort?

How to drain water from your ear

Getting water out of your ear can be done in 12 different methods, according to Healthline. Some are simpler to understand than others, while some call for additional steps:

1.Start by shaking your head and moving your earlobe.

2. Lay on one side and let gravity squeak the water out.

3. Make a vacuum to remove the water from your ear. Put your ear in your palm and tilt your head to the side. Make a tight seal by cupping your palm. Put your hand into your ear and quickly move it back and forth. Let the water drain by tilting your head downward.

4. Turn your blow dryer to the lowest setting. A foot should be kept between you and the dryer when using it.

5. Vinegar and alcohol drops. To manufacture your own ear drops, mix equal parts vinegar and alcohol. In your ear, provide three to four drops. Take a 30-second break before draining your ear.

6. Drops of hydrogen peroxide. If you exhibit any signs of injury or infection, have a middle ear infection, a perforated eardrum, or tympanostomy tubes, Healthline warns against using this procedure.

7. Drops of warm olive oil.

8. More liquid.

9. Commercially available ear drops.

10. Chew or yawn.

11. Take a deep breath in and then firmly pinch your nostrils shut. Exhale slowly through your nose.

12. Apply steam. Flow hot water into a big dish. After that, place a bowl over your face and cover your head with a towel. After 5 to 10 minutes of steam inhalation, tilt your head to let the water out.

How to keep water out of your ears

WebMD offers six easy ways to prevent getting water in your ears.

1. If you’re perspiring, take out your headphones.

2. While taking a bath, place a cotton ball covered in petroleum jelly in your outer ears.

3. Use cotton balls to cover your ears when using hairspray or hair colour.

4. When entering the water, wear earplugs or a swim cap.

5. Have your earwax removed by a doctor. In your ear canal, much earwax can hold water.

6. Clean up your wax accumulation using hydrogen peroxide, but only with a doctor’s approval.